5 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Build Their Own WordPress Website


Can I really build my own WordPress website?

Yes, you can build your own website and maintain it with help from WordPress. The question is do you have the desire and the time to do the work necessary to build your WordPress website?

When I say “do you have the desire to build your WordPress website” I mean do you really want to do it? Will you stay with it until it reaches a point that you feel it’s just right? Are you willing to learn a new skill that takes time and thought? Will you spend hours looking for or creating the right background, typography, and images? Do you also have an extra 5-10 hours a week to learn to do it? If so there are literally thousands of websites to teach you for free or a small fee.

If I do decide to build my own WordPress website where do I start?

The starting point is definitely WordPress because small business technology is centered around WordPress. If you are unfamiliar with WordPress, then Google it and start reading. You can learn all about it from sites dedicated to teaching you to purchase a hosting site and domain, installing WordPress and customizing your site. If you feel lost or unsure of something email or call and I will try to help you. There are lots of people willing to help, the teacher of your tutorial, WordPress.org and numerous forums and websites dedicated to helping with WordPress.

You will read and hear about how WordPress can do anything, but the truth is it is made for small businesses. It has good security and no matter the type or function there is a theme or a plugin to accomplish your goals for your website without heavy-duty coding.

A WordPress site can be put together in 40 hours tops. Although a developer would love for you to let them code a custom website saying its more secure and less likely to break. The truth is the cost benefit is not there. It would probably take close to 180 hours at significantly higher rates which would give you a lower overall ROI and you would be dependent on them to change anything.


So here are the 5 reasons you should build your own WordPress website.


  1. Like a lot of small business owner’s, you get tired of begging your webmaster to post something small such as a closing time for the holidays only to have it appear the day after the holiday. So timing is the first and probably biggest driving force behind small business owners who want to do their own site. It puts them in control if they can make the change themselves.
  2. Another big reason is to change your content or images frequently to keep the site fresh and appealing to your customers. People like to know when you add a new product or item and if it fits their particular use. Don’t let your website become a part of the landscape. Give your customers a reason to visit often.
  3. Inform your target audience of how you can help them with their problems or issues because that is exactly why they are visiting your website. People don’t hang around websites just to be killing time. They are trying to solve problems by doing research that sometimes leads to a sale for you.
  4. Explaining your value proposition is extremely important. It tells people what sets you apart from your competition. There is no better place to do that then on your website.
  5. Last but not least it helps when engaging prospects to point them to your website to peruse your payment types and terms. It allows others to see if it will accomplish their goal of solving a problem. You can discuss contractual arrangements and privacy issues. Along with your policy for returns and refunds.


It’s time to decide who will build your WordPress website.

If you have the time and the desire do you have the knowledge? Knowledge means school or tutorials. I advise tutorials unless you plan on becoming a full-fledged front-end developer. If you plan on becoming a professional web developer you will not lack for schools looking to exchange their knowledge for your dollars. But if you want to do just your website I suggest Udemy to start with because you can get some really good beginner knowledge cheap and quick. Then if you want to dive deeper someone like Code-School or Skillcrush to get you on a solid path of best practices.

If you just need someone to help build your website at a reasonable price I would suggest contacting me at [email protected] ,because I would love to work with you!

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