Small Businesses need a place to go to solve technology issues fast


We help you make your business unique so that it stands out from your competition.


Are you just starting out and need a unique one of a kind website? But not sure where to start? First view our blog for information on professionally designed websites. Need more then give me a shout and let me know your thoughts and issues and I will come up with a plan tailored to your situation and customers. I also do logos and business cards.


Need someone to do a quick turn-key Wordpress website? Or perhaps you need some special and specific help to customize your website to your specifications? We can do it all or just a portion of the website build or re-design. Maybe you have a question or 2 that is preventing you from finishing your site yourself? I am here to support you to get it done.


Time to take charge of your future by having a virtual assistant manage your Social Media presence to get the most for your business everyday. I will setup a professional SEO program as well to get those organic searches looking for your site. Consistent monthly programs will help bring that traffic that your business depends on to survive.

About this website

My intention is to keep you up to date with the latest small business technology.
Small business need someone to go to as they start and grow.

The core of every small business’s technology is centered around a website and what it does for you the small business person. Trying to keep up with social media, websites, blogs, SEO and other marketing strategies is an impossible task for the small business today. In fact, my wife and I together have owned a small business for 9 years and we have worked our tails off trying to keep up with it.

Knowing what I do today I realize there are probably lots of small businesses that will fail this year because they can’t get the money or the answers to compete in the complex marketplace we are faced with today. I want to help you, setup your website and manage your social media marketing and SEO setup with the confidence that you can change it, at any time, while moving ahead with your plans.

  • PSD, Illustrator and In-Design

  • html5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Flexbox, RWD

  • Google, Bing and Yahoo

  • Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Squeeze Page, Landing Pages

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